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pencilslingers's Journal

Pencilslingers: Fanart for the Dark Tower universe
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Dark Tower related Fanart
What this is About
I know a lot of Fanartists who like the Dark tower series and other related books, so I thought I'd make a spot on LJ specifically for visual art related to the Dark Tower universe.
By Dark Tower Universe I mean any book that Stephen king wrote that kinda sorta relates to the Dark Tower series.

Those Books would be:
Salem's Lot, The Stand, The Gunslinger, The Talisman, It, The Eyes of the Dragon, The Drawing of the Three, The Waste Lands, Insomnia, Rose Madder, Desperation, Wizard and Glass, Bag of Bones, Black House, From a Buick 8, Wolves of the Calla, Song of Susannah, The Dark Tower, The Regulators, Skeleton Crew, Hearts in Atlantis, and Everything's Eventual.

I won't be overly picky though. If the fanart relates to a Stephen King story at all, it is ok to post here. They are are related via the author, right?

What Can I post here
1. Art obviously.
2. Questions related to DT art
3. WIPS (works in Progress) are also fine.
4. LINKS to other artist's DT artwork, with proper credit given (LINKS only. If the art is not yours, please DO NOT post the image itself, just link to it)

What Counts as Art
paintings, drawings, costumes, props, crafts, sculptures, icons, photo manipulation, and banners.
Heck if you make a DT themed cake you could post it here. I'm pretty open as far as Visual Art goes (it can even be utterly non representation abstract if DT inspired it!)

What does Not Count as Art
I said above, Photo manipulation counts as art, but I mean ACTUALLY photo manips.
Like this one or Like this one

What I don't want to see is a picture of Brad Pitt with his eyes colored red. Or Four celebrities cropped out of photos and pasted on to the same page. I'm not saying there's a quality criteria here, I'm saying there's a difference to me between "head pasted on" and "photo manip." Do you ken?

(if you don't Ken, just ask)

Posting format

Things with ** before it are required, everything else is optional.

On Lj-Cutting
Unless the images is smaller than 500 high and 500 wide, and 70 KB please put it behind and LJ-cut.

If it isn't G rated it needs to be behind a Lj-cut.